Data - driven decision in business. Identify new data sources, aggregate your data to use your data more effectively and make better decisions. Build your own made to measure AI solution and discover new business solution.

HR analytics - gather data on your employees and then use it to make relevant decisions about how to improve HR processes. Discover relations between HR and business outcomes.
People analythics - manage your employees at work, make decisions based on deep analysis of data. Use hard data to make soft-skill decisions about hiring and talent development.
Psychometrics - analyze data on human judgment and perception, create peoples profiles using e. g. market research data and the data from social networks.
Sales forecasting - make more effective and efficient business decisions about short-term and long-term performance. Gain a knowledge how to manage your workforce, cash flow, and effectively allocate your resources.
Risk analysis - identify key metrics, understand and mitigate the risk in your projects and portfolios.
Dynamic pricing - estimate market demand, analyze the customers behaviour's and optimize your pricing and profits. Make better pricing strategies.
Inventory management - Identify pattern and relationship between data and supply decisions. Use your data to make effective supply decisions and stay competitive.
Fraud detection - identify problems in early stage, minimize risk and your response time.
Credit scoring - Use data from various sources, analyze customer behaviour and predict the type of your customers. Make your credit more accessible.
Churn/Anti-churn models - create a customer retention strategy. Gain an understand customers behaviors, preferences and the customers reasons churn and estimating the risk associated with individual customers. Make precise targeting and risk prediction.
Social Media Analysis - identify user preferences, build a predictive model to forecast customers behaviors and make better recommendations.
Survival Analysis - analyze time-sensitive data. Predict failure time, survival time, or event time.